Friday, July 31, 2009

Bicycle Lust

I like bikes. I should rephrase that - I like BICYCLES*. 
Apparently I needed to remind myself this and had a visual permanently put onto my body in 2007.

Here are my first two bikes. My great-grandmother (pictured) who I called "G.G." taught me how to ride!

This is my current bicycle. I bought a frame off of ebay (43cm, eep!) and with the help of my SO, the CBC, and a powder coater in Moncks Corner it was created!

...I can still lust over other beauties though:

*My dad has recently gotten into "bikes" which to him are motorcycles. 

July 11 - July 31

Outfits from July 11 through July 31. After working at the same store for over two years I'm glad I can be excited about getting dressed again.

Currently really into this bracelet although it detests me as it refuses to stay around my wrist:

Although I'm a huge fan of See Eyewear I'm thoroughly enjoying my new vintage frames. Friends over at See were happy to fill the prescription for me.You can see them well in the bottom right photograph.


Taken before I had aa frames

As of a few weeks ago the company I work for has decided to become more elegant, more fashion forward, and more classic. 
At first I interpreted this as meaning black and white only to which I can only attribute to my parents definition of elegance.
These are my first couple attempts as well as my new swanky "elegant" shoes.