Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things I want...

These pants.

These shoes.

This ring.

This necklace.

This belt.

One of these Cameras.

This bedding.

A phrenology head, doesn't have to be this one.

One of these jackets.


  1. i think i need those pants too... are they AA?

    and that ikat jacket... wow! i was just saying yesterday how i love rugs so much that i wish i could just wear them... and i imagine if i were to wear one, this just might be what it would look like

  2. The pants are by this girl:

    This is her etsy:

    They are custom order, and I think she only has enough fabric to make two more pairs of pants. Aren't they perfect??

    Normally I don't like prints like this, but I'm feeling this jacket. I guess by default that means I'm growing to like rugs.