Friday, December 18, 2009


2010 will be here in under two weeks and I can't wait to use my new planner. I started thinking about how important planners are in my life. Without a planner I would likely forget everything. I usually have a physical one, electronic one, use post-it notes daily, and make daily to-do lists that I carry around with me. It's intense but I never forget anything!

Here are some that I've carried around with me (they are like diaries!), in all of my many apartments.

What essentials keep your life together?

Fourth Grade:

Eighth Grade:

The color coding begins...
Ninth Grade:

Tenth Grade:

Eleventh Grade:







  1. I've always been super envious of girls who keep planners. Girls are the only people that can do it. I've tried a few times, but give up after a few weeks, so i end up writing myself little notes all over my sketchbooks and stuff. It doesn't work out, so my new years resolution is to PLAN with a PLANNER!

  2. I have sticky notes all over my desk at work. I have an awful memory, so I also use a day planner and make a daily to-do list.

  3. i am so relieved... that i am not the only one who holds onto these things... planners are the b-b-b-best!

  4. Lauren - I remember when you handed me a detailed list of your schedule. I knew you were my type of person!