Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've been busy!

I've been super busy lately and it's been difficult to get outfit shots. Here is what I've got though:

This was December 30, and we had just gotten the flannels in!! I was so excited that I bought it at full price.

New Years Eve!

These printed sheer jersey tights look really nice with a solid color underneath.

My ring came that day!! This is what Ryan got me for Chanukah & our 4 year anniversary.
Also, check the nails - this color (office) is amazing!

On January 2 I did this photo shoot for Unisa shoes. It basically happened because I must be the only person in Charleston who wears a size 6 shoe. The pictures are so cool! It was freezing cold that day and we were outside by the tip of the peninsula (the battery for Charlestonians).
Check it out. These are my favorites:

This is what I wore today. If you don't own winter leggings you're missing out. Nails are now Mount Royal.

Who doesn't want to be Beyonce?

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