Monday, February 15, 2010


It snowed in Charleston, SC!
I mean, I've seen snow before but it was a shock to see it in Charleston.
I had just taken a shower and was pretty out of it on pain pills. My brother came into my apartment and let my bf and I know. I put on clothes and went outside for all of 2 mintues, to take this picture.
Ryan had never seen snow before so he was really excited (I think? Yeah...I was totally out of it)

Do not click if you get grossed out easy!

CO2 in my tummy is very uncomfortable.
They used surgical glue to seal up the incisions.
The blood under the glue is pretty freaky to look at.

What tools were used for each hole.

Looks like I'll be wearing the loosest stuff I own for at least another week. 
I'll try and make it fashionable...

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  1. i thrive off of gory stuff, so this kinda made my day :) I think I should have been a surgeon, except that I can't retain that much information in my head.

    that diagram is neat! I hope you continue to feel better :) dont worry about fashion, just be comfy and rest!