Saturday, April 3, 2010

Summer of the Beach

For 16 years I lived 2 hours away from the beach. I think I went about 6 times. 
For the last 5 years I have lived 20 minutes from the beach.
Every summer I try to beat the previous years beach count.
This past summer I actually grew fond of the beach! I went almost a dozen times.
This summer will be the summer of the beach. I've already been once and I have plans for more tomorrow.

Bodysuit - American Apparel l Pants - American Apparel l Belt - American Apparel l Bow Clip - American Apparel l Shoes - Goodwill
I am all about these colors for the spring.

Blazer - Urban Outfitters l Bow Tie - American Apparel l Shirt - American Apparel l Shorts - American Apparel l Shoes - Goodwill
Really feeling bow ties too.

And soaking in the sunshine!!


  1. You look so good..I love those peach pants on you! I need a pair!

  2. They are really comfortable, try 'em out!

    and thanks!